Thursday, February 11, 2010

How Long Does The Herpes Virus Survive On Toothbrush Why The Emphasis To Wash Your Hands After Touching A Cold Sore? Wouldn't The Virus Die Within Seconds?

Why the emphasis to wash your hands after touching a cold sore? Wouldn't the virus die within seconds? - how long does the herpes virus survive on toothbrush

Almost all Web sites on herpes simplex, said the same. They say that Herpes does not survive long outside the body, so that from a toilet seat or getting a surface, as it is almost impossible, but at the same time, emphasize frequent handwashing during an outbreak of self-determination to avoid vaccination with other parts of the body, especially after touching a cold sore. This information seems contradictory, and I've never heard anyone solve this problem. When herpes survive outside the body for about ten seconds, when I read what a difference it makes when it is in the hand or on a toilet seat? The only difference I see is the temperature, but they refer only to the temperature when it comes to herpes survive in a moist environment like a wet towel. If you are in a dry environment, as in the hand, not the virus die within minutes or even seconds, with dirty hands, or when the temperature of the skin, the virus can live longer and longer?


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